Hi y’all, I recently joined and started building my Mandalorian armour back in March of this year.  A friend at my church told me about how he was building his armour to join up here as well.  I’ve been into Star Wars since 3rd grade, around 1994 and my favorite character was Boba Fett.  Then in 2002 Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones came out.  Halloween was coming up and I wanted to be Jango Fett and my little brother wanted to be Boba.  Here is a picture of my first Mandalorian outfit:


I am currently in the Oyu’baat Clan out of Bismarck, North Dakota recently moving here at the beginning of the year after I finished college.  I look forward to attending events here after my suit is built.  This forum topic was started to keep track of what I’ve done so far and to get suggestions from y’all before I complete my application to become an official member.

I like to draw things, one of the reason I went into construction management as a major.  Below is my first schematic of how I wanted my armour and helmet to look (Hunter Green and Hunter Orange):

Mandalorian Armour

My first prototype of my helmet was a whole lot better than my Halloween costume years before.  This one I could see out of and not look through tiny holes poked in the cardboard.  The problem with this one was making it inside, boy does bondo smell.  I took it outside and it didn’t dry properly (probably had something to do with the -19 degree Bismarck winter).


My second prototype of my helmet came out child size and I tried plaster instead of bondo, didn’t work very well either.  Prototypes 3 and 4 I tried making with Sintra 2mm.  Tried is the key word because it is near impossible to get a perfect dome with that stuff.


Then one Saturday I sat down and attempted Prototype 5 of my helmet; following the templates almost exactly.  It had the right shape to it, but the dome seemed a little medieval looking.


That Saturday happened to be warm, which was weird but it worked to my advantage and the bondo I applied was able to set properly.  The image below shows prototypes 5, 1, and 2 (left to right).  I also got a garage at my apartment complex which helped keep the smell out of the house.  My wife appreciated it.  Also seen below is my 5th helmet and best fitting helmet yet.  Bondo on the inside and outside for a more solid helmet. Still needed a lot of work to get it down to the perfect shape and fit.

P82A0448                                        P82A0450

My theory to show wear is to have my helmet or armour have a primed coat of metallic/chrome under the the coats of paint.  This way it appears to be a metal helmet.


I then did mock ups of my helmet with photo shop to try out the color scheme while waiting for the paint to dry on the real things and for the dark green shield/transparent visor package to get here.  Then when the visor came, I stuck it in the helmet to see what it looked like and it looked pretty good.

Side Profile

Original concept design, looks pretty similar to my build above.

Helmet Concept Design