After my helmet was primed I started on my next project the armour.  I found some pvc sheets/sintra at a local sign supply shop down by the Bismarck airport.  Then after using some more templates online I cut out my armour from the sintra 3mm.


Using a heat gun I then started to shape my armour to fit my body build.  Using masking tape I attached it to my frame to measure and adjust where needed.  By the way the sintra gives off a sickly sweet smell when heated up.  My wife made me go outside after stinking up the apartment (winters are very cold in North Dakota, but I was using a heat gun so I was all warm from the heat).


A few days later I was able to paint the armour, a kind of burnt orange color.  As you can see in the side profile shot below I attached the back plate to the abdominal plate to hold the back plate down.  Later I will attach velcro to the flak vest to keep the abdominal plate in place.

                                  P82A0458  P82A0457

I then had to make the decision of how I was going to attach my armour to the flak vest.  My solution for the chest pieces was to sew with nylon string my armour to the flak vest.  You can see the tiny drilled holes in the chest pieces.  I did the same thing for the thigh plates to attach to the flight suit.  I used velcro for the abdominal plate and the buckle/straps to attach it to the back plate.

P82A0499 P82A0497 P82A0496

The back and neck plate are attached to get it over my head.  On the underside of the neck/back plate are buckles that correspond with the buckles on the flak vest (this holds it down).  Everything is starting to come together.


This was around the same time I completed helmet #4 (as seen in the image below).  I was really excited to have a suit coming together and I looked for opportunities to wear it.  This is when I found out about the Mandalorian Mercs and made it my goal to become an official member.  Their website gave me a little more direction to how my armour should fit and the do/don’ts to making armour.

DSCN3700DSCN3706DSCN3719DSCN3713 DSCN3712

At this point I still needed a cod piece, to attach my shoulder armour, and create gauntlets or so I thought.  I had been researching different types of armour material and wanted to upgrade my halfway completed suit to metal.  I also wanted to change my back plate to something more manageable (such as the template seen below).

Later I made a quick cod piece out of Sintra from my wife’s abdominal plate mockup and spray painted it hunter orange.  Then my friend and I put on our full suits to see what we still have left to do.

Front and back so far with my Sintra plastic chest/back plates.  Last minute my strap buckles on the sides came undone and I had to quickly modify it with a yellow Ethernet cord for pictures (really hard to do anything in full armour; like simply kneeling down to grab something off the ground).

Front7                                Back7

I still need to make my flak vest with metal neck and abdominal plates.  I also need to make metal shin plates and add more effect to my gauntlets.  I also wanted to show my friend’s back plate of army green with the stencil imprint in blood red.  Also seen below is my metal back armour held in place while wearing my flight suit.

DSCN4505 DSCN4504

My friend and I walked around the apartment complex for a little bit to see how everything moved and what we needed to modify next to make it work better.  My friend says he needs to tuck in a lot of his flight suit because it is very lose.  I also need to hide all my zippers on my flight suit.