I then drew up new schematics of everything I wanted to make.  Then went over to Lowe’s and picked up some material.  With this armour I was going for the Medium (Jango) armour type with shins, thighs, and lace covers (which hide your shoelaces).  Today I used Mandomaker to through together my concept design with a color scheme.

Schematics 7.19.2015                Concept Armour1

I then used 3″ PVC pipe to make the knee armour using this long winded 9 part tutorial on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2e-evq2jNw


I will not be using darts in my knee armour so it simply protects my knees in combat.  I also cut out and rolled (fold the metal back on itself to form a blunt edge instead of a razor edge) the sheet metal into shoulder armour.

DSCN4430 DSCN4429

The shoulder armour will be attached to the flight suit with the same method I plan to attach the chest and back armour to the flak vest (industrial velcro).  I then started cutting out the sheet metal (using a cutting wheel on my grinder) for more of the armour pieces (next paycheck will be the rest of the armour pieces).

DSCN4435  DSCN4436

I laid my sheet metal pieces out and then started to roll the edges back on everything to avoid cutting myself later.


I am extremely satisfied with the back plate.  It came together quite nicely.

DSCN4440 DSCN4439

I painted my back plate the same colour orange:

DSCN4451                         DSCN4450

The next day after work I started the hunter green accents around the edges of my armour.  It kind of makes it pop better and will transition well to my green flak vest whenever I redo that.  I also cut out the Mandalorian symbol and made the shadow effect on the back plate (see below).



The concept design was created during the week (see quick sketch below).

Armour Schematic Update

I had a slow day at work on Friday and was able to get off a few hours early.  I met up with my friend and we started working on his armour (schematic colors of army green and blood red).  I got some elastic and Velcro to use for attaching. First thing I used the elastic on was the knee armour plates.


I also worked on my boot armoured lace covers with some schematics drawings I had done earlier in the week.

Lace Covers    DSCN4470


I also helped my friend make the basic cutouts of the 4″ PVC pipe for this own gauntlets.  Limited on my tools of the trade so I used a grinder and a circular saw to cut the pieces in half.

DSCN4478 DSCN4477DSCN4476

Below is an image of what I have so far; with the steady merge of Sintra to metal armour in progress.