In my last post I was converting my existing Sintra version (V1) to a newer design (using templates from off the mercs site) for my metal version (V2).  I had a lot of people on the forms and in my clan tell me what was wrong with my sintra V1 (a lot of it I knew and wanted to correct with the V2 metal version).

I went back out to Lowe’s and bought another 24×48″ 20 gauge metal sheet to cut out the rest of my armour using the templates ( this time around.  My original cut out for the chest plates was huge compared to the templates.  I had to cut the the plates quite a bit.

DSCN4552 DSCN4551

I then started the slow process of cutting out each piece of plating with tin snips after tracing the templates (I left some extra room to roll the edges later).

DSCN4553 DSCN4556DSCN4554 DSCN4555

My pieces were now cut out from the use of all the templates to my size of 6’2″ and I had some weird pieces I didn’t know how to use that came with the templates (like the front of the shins had and extra thin strip of plate?).  Proportionally these upper plates looked a whole lot better.

DSCN4560 DSCN4561

This is what it all looked like laid out over my flight suit and boots.

I also rolled my sheet metal plates back so a blunt edge would not cut me while wearing the armour.  I’m sure my neighbours were wondering what I was doing out there with a ball peen hammer and a pair pliers.


I researched the cod piece online and looked at several pictures before figuring out what to do with it for the shape.  The cod piece looked like it had some shape too it, so I JB welded the second piece to the main plate and started to use bondo to shape it.


The result looked like this and I wasn’t too impressed with how it turned out, but I figured it was the templates so it must be right (again this is a second piece that I don’t understand why it is with the templates?).


I painted everything the corresponding color schemes I wanted and yes I was told that over-spray can be seen on the shins (I later grinded off the paint and started over to get rid of the overspray).

DSCN4565 DSCN4568DSCN4570

I posted this next shot in my clan chat and was immediately informed my cod piece was too big.  This I wondered why, because I had used the correct templates and everything.  Anyways this was one of many things I redid to make it look better.


The shins needed work with the overspray and the back plate didn’t follow the contours of the template exactly so it had to be adjusted as well.

DSCN4580 DSCN4582

The cod piece had this really weird plate (that I had JB welded on to the front); so I grinded it off and cut down the shape of the cod piece to look better and the right size.

DSCN4598 DSCN4599

I then made use of the sandy spots on the asphalt outside of my garage as I slid each plate across the sandy surfaces.  The plates being metal no have abrasive scratches into them.

DSCN4615                           DSCN4616

My boot covers look a lot better than the concept I had previously wanted to use.


I went to my first Armour Party on the 15th of August and bought some ammo pouches off of Tiric Keel.  One more item off my shopping list.