So I thought I was done with my flak vest color scheme and just need to resolve some minor issues and attach velcro to the sides, but then something better happen.  The other day my wife was going through all the old clothes she had before she lost 55 pounds on purpose over the course of a year and a half.  Among those clothes was a black leather jacket.

I had seen in my research people talking about how you could take a leather jacket and put it on backwards zipping it up behind you to use as a flak vest.  I decided to try it and was surprised to see that it actually fit very well to have my arms in the sleeves backwards.  So I hacked off the sleeves and tried it again (the result is seen in the image below).


It was a really good fit, so I decided to put on more of my parts and pieces of my kit to see how well it would work together.  The color schemes seemed to still work and I would probably want to get a different color than black flight suit at some point.


Oh, yes and I guess a girth belt would be a soft part.  I got it the other day from Tractor Supply in their tack area. making some minor modifications and dyed it more of a cream color (was bright white when I bought it) after soaking it in acrylic brown paint and leather stain.

DSCN5253 DSCN5254

I’m thinking of a cape for the back armour, so that I can still zip and unzip the flak vest without removing the back plate.  The concept for a cape came from the idea (while searching through the forums) of Blackbird’s snow wampa cape; seen here:

My thoughts were more along the lines of a Cliff Wampa from the moon of Gall (seen while playing Shadows of the Empire) as I had a deer pelt from a few years ago.  Basically I traded my dried grey fox hide for a tanned rough white-tail deer pelt at the 2005 BSA Jamboree as a youth with an OA member.  I think we both thought we got a pretty good deal.  Anyways this pelt has been sitting in my garage basically since then with no use.  I threw it on to see what the schematics would look like (see photo below):

Fur Cape Concept

The concept looked really good, but alas I found out I am allergic to the hide and my throat swelled up pretty bad.  I’m going to look into an alternative fake fur cape.  Anyways back to the vest; I think it is going to work out even better than the duck cloth.  The black flight suit with medium armour isn’t going to work anymore.  I used E6000 to attach my non-adhesive velcro to my flight suit and the right shin slid down while drying.  Now if I try to pull it off it will rip the fabric.  Oh well, now an excuse to get a different color flight suit so it won’t blend in with the flak vest.


Finally found someone with a similar build to me to try on my kit.  This is what my flak vest looks like under the cape.  The two side plates appear as a full back plate with the cape.

DSCN6958                           DSCN6957DSCN5518