My last post left off with a Jango Fett 2-piece plastic helmet modified and visor held in with zip-ties.  I’ve since ordered a new helmet from Head Shot Props.  It is the Generi-Fett Left is a 1:1 scale Fett style helmet without a range finder.  The big selling point for me was not having the range finder like my schematic drawings back in March.

Mandalorian Armour

The helmet came the day after my birthday which was cool.  I got a dremel tool for my birthday so it worked out perfectly as I would need to cut out the visor and the mold excess at the bottom.

DSCN4982 DSCN4981 DSCN4980

I cut out the visor and then removed the excess from the mold off the bottom and then I primed the helmet a few times.  I also added battle scars to the helmet at this stage with distinct worn patterns across the front.


I then put a couple coats of a metallic spray paint (aluminum in color).

DSCN4984 DSCN4987

I let the metallic coat dry overnight and grabbed prototype #1 to compare to my final helmet.


Adding toothpaste for weathering and “to smell minty fresh” -Tiric Keel

I got it on the edges of where the hunter orange & hunter green meet and deep in the battle scars.


Hunter green base coat; I’ll add the hunter orange accents next.


Taping up all the hunter green paint after it dried a few hours to added the accents.

DSCN5005 DSCN5006

Hunter Orange accents.


Toothpaste removed and weathering applied to the helmet.



These are comparisons to my helmets.  First one is my prototype #5 made out of cardboard and bondo next to my final helmet.  The second photo shows my previous 2-pc Jango helmet #6 next to my final helmet.  Quite a difference and very noticeably better looking.  Head Shot Props does a really good job with their resin buckets.

DSCN5014 DSCN5023

Visor held in with velcro for now.  It makes for a easy quick removal with touching up the paint.  I will eventually use a hot glue to set the visor in better.  Also seen above with helmet #6 and my helmet final is the visor colors are described as the same online ‘dark green.’  This new one is noticeably green when looking around through the visor, but hey at least you can’t see my face.  I also got some helmet pads from ebay, which work good for padding inside my helmet.

DSCN5237 DSCN5238

I recently got out my paint and added rust color metallic paint to the worn spots.  I’ve also added lighter green specks to the dome of the helmet in the battle scar and weathering areas.  Same with the orange, to give it a more realistic feel (suggestion from Sentinel).  This helmet now looks like it has been used thoroughly and matches the same amount of weathering as my schematic rendering.  The armour is not quite to this level yet.