With my body armour done, I moved on to making knee armour.   I ordered a kit from RKD (Red Krayt Dragon) off the forums along with gauntlet kits (see gauntlet page for WIP).  The kit came with all the pieces and needed assembly.  Luckily a video of how to assembly the kit was provided: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YLHbN8LyeU


The first thing I started with was to cut out the main knee armour piece with my dremel tool.  I had to vacuum several times to get all the black ABS pieces off the carpet, but I finally cut out all the pieces and trimmed down the excess amount.


It was also suggested in the video to use a quick set two part epoxy, instead of E6000.  I began by first gluing the two knee parts together.


While it was setting, I glued the other recommended pieces together.  I paid extra to get the dart foam get to insert into each of the sides of the knee armour.  My dart guns are seen below next to my screw drivers.


Once everything was set/dry this is what my knee armour turned out like (see below).  I didn sanded down the surfaces for coats of primer and metallic (aluminum) spray paint.


I learned a few tips and suggestions from the Mercs forum on how to weather your armour.  After the metallic coats were applied I used toothpaste.  The toothpaste allowed me to spray over the metallic color and then peel off the paste to reveal ‘metal’ underneath.  I also used yellow paint and some rustic brown colors to added weathering to my knee armour.


Several days later I attached my external strapping (webbed straps) with snaps to my knee armour.  The snaps on the straps keep them in place at the knee (sort of like roller blade knee pads).



I ran into the issue of the knees sliding down and my clan Ruus’alor (Sentinel) suggested I use velcro to keep it from sliding down.  I wore it all day today with the velcro and straps without problems.  I also repainted the dart guns on the sides of the knee armour and moved them to the inside of my legs.