Fur Cape Concept

So last time I was working with a fabric fur cape because the real fur gave me an allergic reaction (swelling up my throat and puffy eyes).  The fake fur cape worked great, but I may have done too much weathering to the bottom (left side).


This morning I attempted a new cape design with hunter green fabric.  I placed two new snaps on either side of the fur cape snap and then began the process of how I wanted my squarish cape to turn into a weathered/ragged cape.


I thought, maybe I could pin the cape around my neck or add a snap there.  But then I had to figure out how to make it look like I was still wearing a back plate.  That is when I remembered a suggestion from Sentinel to use old keyboard buttons to attach the cape.  First I weathered the cape but making jagged cuts along the sides and bottom.

DSCN5522 DSCN5523

Then I got out the matches and started catching the cape on fire (to make it appear singed from blaster fire/use of a jetpack).  I then got the cloth damp and went outside.  I smeared it in a spot on the driveway with dirt and grime of ATF.  I then went over to the side and rubbed it in dirt.  I whipped it several times to fling the lose dirt out and then took a heat gun to it to dry it out again.  With time I home to added a Mando Skull to the back with fabric paint and then add more weathering effects.


This picture does not do my cape justice.  The connector ‘bolts’ otherwise known as snaps with keyboard keys glued to the top of the snap were painted an orange tinge to offset the green and to be similar in color to my knees/rest of my armour.  Again I hope to get more weathering in after I paint the Mando skull on the back with fabric paint.  The cape is up in the back near the neck to hide my flak vest zipper; it was really difficult trying to get it to not look super awkward.