I had some extra sintra (basically I bought too much) and my friend Robert was looking to make a kit himself, so he came over one weekend and we started cutting out his kit.  The templates came from online and after cutting and taping them to cardboard a few weeks prior we were ready for sintra.


We got the heat gun out and started molding his back armour.  The idea was to have one piece for both the back plate and the collar plate.  The back plate was still a little big but was getting there.

These should probably be in the soft parts section, but I’m not going to make a separate post for just two photos.  Robert working on his flak vest and flightsuit.

Then Robert sprayed on the metallic underlining of his armour.

Next Robert painted over it with a light army green or a red with battle scars showing the metallic underneath.  He also added the Mandalorian skull symbol to his back plate.

Robert then worked on his knee armour. We had the heat gun go out today (got a replacement with the receipt) and had to use a butane torch to soften the plastic to shape (which also colors it to look like a giant marshmallow).


Blood stripe on Robert’s shoulder bells.  He also added blood red tiger stripes to the rest of his plates.

On July 24th, 2015 we took additional photos of Robert’s armour (a work in progress).

As the summer grew warmer Robert busted out his kilt.  Unfortunately the kilt is too earthy and can only be used for non-official events/troops unless it is for like a St. Patrick’s Day parade or something like that.  The back plate is still too big.

Robert decided to cut out his armour a little better and shape his back plate smaller.  We also worked with a friend (Jamie) to scavenger for greeblies in an old computer tower.


Robert sprayed a few coats of metallic paint to his recently reshaped armoured plates. Then he sprayed on coats of his army green paint.

The tiger stripes still remained a feature on his armour.


When the time came closer to his 18th birthday and we started asking the Oyu’baat Clan for suggestions for improvement the stripes needed to be removed.  The armour was repainted and black was added to create the same weathering effect.

It has come a long ways, but gets better with each improvement.


His in universe name shall be known as: Kir’manir Kyramud.

Kir’manir = adopt, give a soul to someone

Kyramud = killer, assassin


Little update to Kir’manir’s kit (10/21/16):

On Saturday we made a new backplate out of 6mm sintra because his old one snapped on one of the sides.  This material is a whole lot stronger and really gives the armour some depth.


I have a lot of 6mm sintra in my garage so Kirmanir also upgraded his other armour plates in addition to his back plate.  I beveled the edges of every piece to give it a more pronounced look, some depth.


After using the heat gun to form the plates to his build we layered on the metallic undercoat.  The big reason to come over wasn’t for new plates.  Robert’s mom made him a new flak vest to adhere armour unto (which reminds me, I need to get some more Velcro).

dscn8523  dscn8524

We repainted the Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull on the back of Robert’s back plate, this time in gold.  The weathering with toothpaste worked extremely well on all of his plates.


I will probably make a pair of knees for him sometime this week.  We plan to go to the Bismarck Dakota Zoo the Saturday before Halloween for their annual Zoo Boo.


Last year was the first time we went out in public in our kits and a whole lot has changed since then for the better.


I also had a spare visor we were able to pop in for a picture.  Robert will fasten it in with Velcro later this week.  We have an Oyu’baat troop on Halloween night that he plans to wear his kit to and get some pre-app photos.

Update 10/29/2016:


Robert worked on some new knee plates during another Oyu’baat Clan armour party.  These are also made of 6mm Sintra material.


He wanted a gold stripe on his knee plates to which I obliged only to weathered.



Slowly but surely Kir’manir Kyramud’s kit is a Work In Progress, getting better every day.