Robert first started his gauntlets by cutting a 3″ PVC pipe to his desired length.  Then using this Youtube video made the adjustments to get the shape made:

Remember to wear gloves, this can get really hot.  I don’t have too many pictures of what his gauntlets looked like in the heating and bending stage, but I do have a shot of the two halves drying in their blood red color.


Once dried, Robert took these home and glued/used velcro to attach the two halves together.  He later added black tiger stripes to the gauntlets.

Gauntlet Tigerstripes

In the picture below you can see that he added a weapon system to his left gauntlet.

Gauntlets weapons mounted

Months past and there wasn’t really any progress made on Robert’s kit (few odds and ends).  These months happen to fall in the North Dakota winter months when no one wants to do anything.

Below you can see that the tiger stripes were removed to bring his gauntlets up to par with the Mandalorian Mercs CRLs.  Greeblies were added.  Amount such were: Toy gun barrels, automobile cigarette lighter, mini speaker, inside of a headlamp bulb assembly, rifle scope adjusters, wiper blade supports, plastic hose adapters off of a kit from RKD, and other odds/ends.


Paint it with a metallic paint and add some black to give it the metal feel and wa la they look like weapon systems mounted to gauntlets.


They look awesome just with the primer coat base of metallic colouring.

Next step to start colouring the gauntlets Robert’s blood red colour.  I also added my touch to the weapon system with brass, rust, gun metal grey, black, and the random pop of blue for the weapon system.


They turned out pretty good, I must say.  I wouldn’t mind sporting these at the next Con or charity event, they look awesome!

The hoses need some work as I just grabbed some random ones out of my garage and stuck them up inside of his flak vest.  I’m thinking the wire mesh ones used for your appliances would look really good on these gaunts or even black tubing.

Recent found a picture of a Mandalorian wearing gauntlets pretty close to what Robert’s turned out like.