Dana’s armour came in the 14th of March.  First step was to prime it all with a metallic coat of spray paint.  Her armour came from The Mandalorian Arsenal (TMA) at http://themandalorianarsenal.com/armor.html, currently the only well known maker of female armour.  She went with the Fem2 design.  F2 Female Chest Armor – shapped more to the female form for those who prefer a more “pronounced” look.
Will fit up to C cup comfortably.


Her helmet (or bucket) is the Clone Wars Night Owl also known as the the V1 NiO formerly produced by Head Shot Props.  Dana’s knee are Death Watch Knees and her shoulder bells are custom made using Boba Fett bell templates.  The cod piece was painted at the time, but she has decided on more of the loin cloth or skirt at this point in place of the cod piece.


Her colors are a vibrant green to match her flaming natural red hair.  The color makes her hair pop.  She also choose a more pastel accent color of yellowish cream.  Her cape will be made of a velvet emerald green lined with a dark green satin; pinned with a simple brass clasp.  Girth belt is to be dyed to match her blue gloves.


Dana’s gauntlets are on order from Aprilstorm off Etsy.com modeled after Bo Katan’s Night Owl gauntlets.  3D Printed Kit Mark III Hinged Model.  The gauntlets will match her armour in the same vibrant green color.

Bo Katan Gaunts

Boots are leather with buckled straps on the sides and the zipper on the inside leg.  Costume Requirement List (CRL) states the following about boots: “Exposed zipper closures on boots are acceptable as long as they are located on the inside of the foot and match the color of the boot.”


She currently has one small DL-44 made from a Mauser C96 (smaller grip then the CM712).  I am currently working on a second model DL-44 for her left hip.  She is left handed, but right eye dominant.  Both leg holsters are black and hang off of the belt.

The second modified DL-44 for her left hip was finished on 4/10/16 with the final scope mount.


Then a little tape and some flat black spray paint.  Kritika now owns two modified DL-44s; one for each hip.


There were a few places the paint was touched up.  Hard to see where black paint is in the dark, hehe.  Anyways also made the top gun a little more flat black as well.  The scopes are unique with the bottom one working.  Yep, they are maglite type flashlights.


Flak vest is made from a leather jacket, sleeves cut off to be wore backwards with the zipper in the back.  The flightsuit to be more form fitting has been determined to be thick yellow leggings (2 pairs).  The second pair will be cut at the legs for Dana’s arms.

The armour according to Dana’s was too pristine and needed some wear and tear (weathering).  Her helmet turned out beautifully, but again she wanted “weathering.”


After some deliberate wear and tear with added blaster marks/carbon build up/rust Dana was satisfied with her “weathering.”


The last piece of her kit was finished when I painted our clan symbol on her right shoulder bell.  On her way to be an official member of the Oyu’baat Clan.


Ben and Dana

4.3.2016 Girth Belt coloured blue and another schematic rendering of Kritika’s kit:


The warning on the back said to not get the dye in contact with your skin.  I used a wooden spoon, but my wife didn’t read the label. hehehe.  Her hands are not blue anymore but it has been a week.


A little bit of acrylic paint mixed in with the dye and wa la, Kritika’s blue girth belt.


4.2.16  Legs are a little long but the concept is there.


Finally got some velcro and the rest of Kritika’s kit is coming together.  First thing was to put the visor into the helmet using velcro (4/9/16).


Everything is laid out on the spare bed to see what we are missing and where things will go.  The three big things missing are Kritika herself, a belt & sash, and her gauntlets from AprilStorm (4/13/16).


Picture is a little fuzzy, but the content is there.  We had to make adjustments when she put the flak vest on.


Biggest thing was spacing.  In order for her chest plates to be in the right place and fit, we had to cut down the center diamond plate.


Still working on spacing and centering of the plates.  Helmet looks a tad too big, but won’t be able to tell until the whole kit is assembled (4/13/16).


This weekend is iMagiCon 2016 in Minot, ND.  Kritika and Karl Dha’Werda will be at the Mandalorian Mercs and 501st Imperial Legion (Wampa Squadron) booth.  Dana’s kit is almost there.

She is still waiting for gauntlets from AprilStorm of Esty.com (3D Bo Katan prints).  With our luck, they’ll come in Monday morning, hahaha.  We got Dana all in kit this evening to see if we need to make any modification before she puts it on up in Minot.  Below are a few shots (Front, Back, Right Side, & Left Side):



Yes, there are a lot of things we need to fix before thinking about approval within the Mercs, but for a Con it is close enough.  A few things right off the bat are undershirt needs to match either the black flak vest or better yet the yellow flight suit.  Since she has a yellow shirt, we are going to shoot for that on Saturday.

The pouches on the belt are going to be swapped around to see if we can make it looked better (possibly putting the buckle in the back to start off with).  Knees are stuck on for the picture; they still need back straps and will not be part of the outfit for this Con.

We ran out of time for the cape and put something together with some leftover scraps (the cape itself is going to have a satin liner).  The cape will also hang lower covering most of the collar plate.  We need to tuck the flak vest more to her body, for now safety pins are being used, actually a lot of safety pins are being used to hold up the cape and will also be used to hold up the sleeves of the “flight suit.”


The shoulder bells will look better with the yellow flight suit shirt instead of brown.  We need to figure out what to do with her hair, possibly braids?  Her chin isn’t seen in most of the pictures but a black balaclava wouldn’t hurt.  The sash needs to be sewed up, because the bottom edge is jagged from cutting it.  The cod piece is just tucked under the girth belt for now and will need to be adjusted more securely.

Among other odds and ends here is my Dana Maye ready for the Minot Comic Con on Saturday (4/21/2016):


Update 10/22/2016: Kritika switched out her flight suit yellow leggings for a real flight suit tailored to her size.


It was $20 on Amazon for RedKaps coveralls and then an additional $80 for custom tailoring at a local seamstress shop here in Bismarck, ND.


The red knee bands were replaced with navy to match her flight suit.


Nanuk’s spacing photo examples:

fem chest plate spacing

Kritika’s Kit through the years:

Kritika's Kit