Kritika’s 3D printed gauntlets arrived from AprilStormProps on Etsy last week.  They are awesome and I am even thinking about getting myself a pair at some point, very well made.


“These come partly assembled and include a working hinge mechanism and latch that matches the screen almost exactly. They are highly detailed, light and extremely strong.

You will need to sand and remove print lines then prime and paint accordingly.

Please note these do not come painted. Rather the expectation is you will sand and attach accessories yourself.” – AprilStormProps


Kritika’s gauntlets received a base metallic coat of several layers to start off after the initial sanding.  Then emerald/grass green which matches her armour was applied.


After several coats of the green was applied, a wire welding brush to gave it the weathered effect to match Kritika’s armoured plates.


Acrylic paint was also applied with black, gunmetal grey, light green, and rust colours.


The four darts across the left gauntlet (in the picture above and below) need to be sanded down a little more before they’ll fit in the holes.


Overall extremely impressed with these gauntlets.

Update: 6.5.16  Dana submitted her application to the Mandalorian Mercs a few weeks ago.  They responded back to her and she has a few fixes to make to her kit before it can be approved.  One of which is; “Visible print lines on the gaunts need work.”  I started out by sanding down both gauntlets with 60 grit and acetone to try and break down the print line.

Then when that wasn’t working I applied bondo to the outside in vertical lines (as seen below).


After sanding down the bondo, I applied a layer of flat black paint.  I covered the weapons systems on the top and just worked with the clamshells themselves.


After the layer of flat black, I layered on a metallic coat, and then applied the green.


I broke down the green with a wire brush and applied another few coats of the green.

DSCN6873           DSCN6872

After the coats, I lightly scratched off some paint and added brown/sandy tan (gritty) to the gauntlets as the rest of the armour got the same effect.


Print lines are no longer visible.