Kritika submitted her app photos a few weeks ago for official membership.  She got a response back from Ulrik to fix a few things and to send new photos back.  One of the corrections was:

“Vest needs further tailoring, cape material could be better and all soft parts need weathering to match the level on the armour.”

We started off by working with our clan Alor’ad Tiric Keel.  He suggested using brown, flat black, and tan spray paints to give the effect of dirt and grime on Kritika’s soft parts.  This would prevent actual dirt and grime irritating her skin.  The first soft part to receive this weathering treatment was her flight suit (yellow leggings).


The yellow flight suit consist of a pair of yellow leggings and a smaller size of leggings cut to work as the sleeves of the flight suit connecting to a different colour yellow shirt.  The first layer of paint used in a mist was brown.  As you can see below the flight suit is already appearing dirty.


The second coat was a tan paint with small particles of sand mixed in, which gives the appears and texture gritty/sanding.


Layers of flat black, brown, and this gritty tan where layered on the flight suit to give the desired weathering effect.  In addition to the flight suit, Kritika’s cape was also weathered the same way.  A butane torch added some carbon scoring blaster affect holes through out the cape with burnt edges.


Her flak vest, armour plates, satin sash, and blue girth belt were given the same treatment with the flat black, brown, and gritty sand spray paints.


Lastly, Kritika’s holsters and ammo belt were given sprays of the brown and gritty/sandy tan paint to show the same weathering effect.  This brought everything up to par with “weathering to match the level on the armour.”


Her flak vest was tailered with the use of safety pins, to later be sewn in.  Basically the leather jacket was too big and the sides had to be pinned in.  This resulted in a much better appearance of her flak vest and overall kit.