Korbin got a Rubies 2-piece Jango Fett helmet (J2P); similar to this one found on Amazon –http://www.amazon.com/Rubies-Costume-Injection-2-Piece-Trooper/dp/B00IMWB3D6.


It isn’t the best helmet out there, but will save you money to start out with.  I personally have a fiber resin cast helmet from Head Shot Props (HSP).  PJ is very easy to work with and you can shoot him a PM on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/headshotprops/?fref=ts  Anyways the J2P is a good starter helmet.


The first step with this helmet was to hide the seam and seal the 2 pieces together.  We used bondo to do that.


After the bondo has dried and been sanded down it is ready for a couple primer coats of metallic spray.  The colour is up to you, many people like to use a silvery undertone, but some will use a copper, brass, bronze, or black undertone to their base colour.  It is whatever material you want to appear “metal” underneath you primary base colour.


The next step can either be your accent secondary colour or your primary base coat.  Korbin wanted to spray his secondary accent colour around the visor area and his ear pieces first.  His inspiration was from the image seen above.

dscn8570  dscn8571

The other paint we had was flat black and when we peeled the visor tape off it revealed some untouched blue from the original helmet.  He also wanted a beast claw mark similar to a Nexu, but has yet to make up a back story for it.


I will be repainting this in the future with a gloss black instead of flat black and touching up the area around the visor to remove the blue.  The gloss black will be his primary base coat for his helmet with weathering similar to the rest of his kit.  Updates to come.

Update 11/7/2016: Sanded down Korbin’s helmet and reapplied metallic undercoating paint.


After it had dried and cured with several coats I used painters tape to cover up everything that wouldn’t be black.  This time I used a gloss black with Korbin’s helmet.


After it had dried over night it had really nice reflective gloss black coats, I removed the painters tape.


Several layers of this red was applied to Korbin’s helmet.


The next day I removed all the painters tape (except around the visor) and this is how Korbin’s helmet turned out.


I removed the excess drips/over-spray from around the rim area and removed the visor tape.


I painted the inside of Korbin’s helmet a dark green, to detract from his eye seeing the inside of his helmet when wearing it. This way his focus will be out the visor.


Details. Korbin wanted a blaster bolt mark on his helmet with discolouration from intense heat. The blues from the heat of a blaster bolt kind of fade into the bronze and coppers.  The result is a blaster scorch mark on Korbin’s helmet. The heat of the bolt discoloured slightly around the edges.


Korbin’s Nexu or other wild beast from the Star Wars universe claw marks have a copper undertone to the helmet scars.  Detail claw mark scars and weathering on Korbin’s helmet.

Helmet weathered like the rest of Korbin’s armour with carbon dust.

The future Mandalorian: Kyr’am Oya’karir (death hunter). I would say there are a lot of “K” names in the Oyu’baat Clan, but seeing as how Korbin is also with a “K” I can’t say too much about it.

Kyr’am Oya’karir Future Mandalorian