Cutting out plates from 6mm Sintra.

Neck, bells, and knees cut out. Chest, ab, and diamond plates to cut out.  Korbin trying on his new knee plates.

Metallic coats on everything. Weathering to Korbin’s plates.


Three part stage: Carbon dusted (ground charcoal) ab plate, scratched down to “metal” knee, and unweathered knee plate.  Unweathered knee and carbon dusted weathered knee plate.

Korbin’s plates so far on 10/29/2016:


Korbin with Robert.  Kyr’am Oya’karir and  .


All of his plates lined up well on the flak vest.


The future Mandalorian: Kyr’am Oya’karir (death hunter).

Attaching velcro to the plates:


Armour attached.


Test run with current components of Korbin’s kit.  He’ll be working on a blaster next.

Completed kit, ready to submit to Verd’ika Corps.

Korbin will be the first cadet of the corps in North Dakota and many more are working on their kits.

Update 5/16/17: iMagicon 2017