I researched Mandalorian Late Crusader references to figure out how to make my back plate air tank apparatus.


Most of the references I found where too bulky for a beast hunter to use.  I needed something more simplified and agile to my profession.  I also looked at Rohlan’s jet-pack, but it too was bulky.


Working with Naran Baatar and Bowfanny, I threw some concept ideas together.  Nothing stuck out as varying away from the Late Crusader era, so I moved on with my build.

I found these water purification filters for under your kitchen sink that seemed to pop out to me as a usable back apparatus.  They are light weight as well and look like they could be used as “air tanks” for my helmet hose(s).


I drilled holes through the tubes, made base plates out of some scrap 6mm sintra, and lined everything up with my back plate to drill more holes.  I then secured 3 inch bolts with the beveled heads from the inside of the back plate against my back.


I made it so I have two pieces I can attached my helmet hoses to; the top of the small tank and the side of the large tank.  Both are connected with the black hose and can be used for back up if one tank runs out of oxygen.


After I had assembled how the back apparatus would work, I began painting.  Starting with a metallic under coat.  Since my kit is mostly green, I decided to use a yellow as my primary colour.  Then the weathering began with spray paints in brown colours, dust from the garage, and dirt from a potted plant.


The weathered yellow and green complimented my kit well.  The yellow is seen in the Star Wars universe on for example a Naboo N-1 Starfighter or the landspeeder Anakin used in Attack of the Clones.  I also placed a hook on my helmet that holds my hose down and out of the way for better head movement.

I really like how the apparatus turned out, it definitely screams Late Crusader even though there are not references to something like this.  It also follows the low-tech kit for the Brigade requirement: “A low-tech kit is recommended – Once again, you would likely be away from your ship and civilization for days or weeks at a time and usually alone in the wilderness or in primitive settlements, so do-dads that draw power, need fuel or require frequent maintenance are discouraged.”


Excuse the yellow t-shirt, it is throwing off the apparatus colour a little bit.  Next step is to figure out my flak vest and whether or not I’ll use one (since it isn’t required by CRLs).  I can wear the chest and back plate with my leather strapping over my flight suit no problem; but my shoulder bells, kidney plates, and abdominal plate need to be held in place.  Maybe the front part will come done from the chest plate to hold everything up and then leather straps across the back under the back plate??  I don’t know yet.