Back in June 2016, I sat down to make a knife out of 6mm Sintra.  I based it off a few Buck knifes that I own.


After I had cut it out of the Sintra it started to resemble a blade.  I carved the blade part with my razor blade and found a wood handle of an old cooking pot at the thrift store.


When I had painted it a flat black and assembled the cooking pot handle it looked like a pretty good melee weapon for my Mandalorian beast hunter kit.


It was quite flexible and con-friendly safe, but didn’t feel right for my kit.  For one the handle was quite large in my hand and felt like I was ironically holding up a cooking pot, not a knife.


For months I contemplated how to make this knife work with my kit.  I finally decided I was going to buy one of those bone knifes off eBay or something to use for my kit, but I would need a sheath for it.


I went to Wal-Mart today to get some last minute supplies for Thanksgiving and was browsing through the camping/outdoors section when I came upon a knife with a sheath.  It was less than $10, so I grabbed it thinking I could salvage the sheath or something.


Looking over the knife itself, I decided to make it con-friendly and duller than a butter knife.  This thing is more blunt and square than a butter knife now.


After making it intentionally dull, I started to work on the handle.  I had already removed the “earthy” hand grips.  I painted the blade a brass/gold colour and added black weather tints to the blade itself.  Then I painted the handle a cream tan and bone white.  I weathered the handle with dirt and brown spray paints.


I added leather strapping to the bone knife as a means to make it look like it was assembled using this strapping.  I also replaced the flimsy snap vinyl strapping with a heavy duty snap on leather strapping.  The sheath, I converted into a leather sheath with leftover pieces from my flak vest.


The leather sheath and bone knife now sit between two leather pouches on my belt, opposite of my macrobinoculars and cable snares.


Update 2.22.19

Due to club rules I have upgraded my hunting bone knife for a real bone knife.  This knife was on Amazon for less than $10.  It is a buffalo bone carved knife.

Bone Knife1

First thing I needed to do is make the bone knife blend into my existing kit with weathering and match the existing “bone” knife I made (the one with a metal blade).

Bone Knife2

I started by wrapping the handle in the same leather I used for my kama.  I then tried painting the knife with black and tan spray paint.  It didn’t work very well on the bone itself but made the leather wrap look weathered.

Bone Knife3

I then used some super glue to adhere dirt and grime to cover the blade and make it look weathered.

Bone Knife4

The bone knife is a bit smaller in the handle area then my previous knife, but the blade is longer so it fits in my sheath.  Tomorrow I will apply my heat gun to the leather wraps to weather it some more.

Bone Knife5