Robert got an upgrade from HSP (Head Shot Props) from his old J2P (Jango Fett 2-Piece) helmet.  It is the Generi-Fett helmet and was on sale over Black Friday weekend 2016.  Now he doesn’t have to worry about the bondo seam coming back after every summer on the J2P.  He also got the one without the left, right, or dual range finders; as there is always that problem of them breaking off (as you can see in the image below it broke off and we used bondo on the ear cap to fill in the gap).



This is what the helmet looks like straight out of the box.  Rough edges around the ear caps, the bottom of the helmet where it popped out of the mold, the rear key slots are filled in, and the visor is not cut out.  Every cast has imperfections, this one has a few drips on the inside but nothing major.


After cutting the extra material off the bottom, the visor, and drilling some of the keyhole slots the helmet is ready for a wash.  Washing it is key before you get too much further as residue remains on the helmet from casting it.  This residue prevents paints from adhering to your helmet and may cause other problems.


The holes drilled through the key slots in the rear of the helmet will eventually be cut out the rest of the way with a dremel tool.  The helmet is air dried and ready to paint.  Make sure it is between 40 to 85 degrees F.  Too cold like here in North Dakota or too hot also here in the summer and the paint will not set correctly.  Remember to use the same brand of paint across everything you do on your helmet to prevent bubbling, cracking, or flaking off of your paint.  The paint used for this helmet was Krylon Maxx spray paint: Primer, Metallic, Banner Red, Olive Green, and Black.


I was finally able to get a primer coat on when it warmed up above 30 degrees; brought it inside to dry.  The next day I got a metallic coat on it and let it dry while at work before taping it for the primary base coat of Army Green.


After the primary base coat had dried I removed the tape and as you can see above.  The paint worked well and gives the feel of a glossy helmet.  The next step I took (as seen below) was to tape up all of the army green primary coat, ear caps, cheeks, face, and keep the tape over the key slots for the Blood Red accent.


I removed the tape after the blood red accent coats which you can also see a reflective shimmer to it.  I started adding weathering scratches across the primary base coat as it has had a few days to dry and to match the rest of Kir’manir’s armour.  Everywhere there was over-spray blood red was removed with a flat head screwdriver to add weathering scratches.


I then prepared the helmet for the last coat of paint; black.  Kir’manir wanted his helmet to change slightly from the original colour scheme; where in he used black for the cheeks and ear caps instead of blood red (as seen below).


More scratches were added to the blood red visor areas and then a texture brush added umber brown acrylic paint everywhere.  Before it dried I wiped down the whole helmet to create a weathering effect similar to my sandtrooper helmet wall decor.  It keeps the places were dirt and grime would be on a weathered helmet.


The visor was popped into place with velcro as it can easily be removed for replacement visors in the future.  The screen from his old helmet will be popped into place behind the key slots in this new helmet.  Kir’manir’s helmet has come along way since the summer of 2015; but still reflects who he is.


After everything was in place, I added small details to this helmet; such as rusted welding spots around the ear caps & key slots or the red lit triangles center above the visor.


Overall this helmet turned out awesome and Kir’manir looks forward to trooping in it after he becomes official.