Bought a leather jacket at the thrift store for $1. It had big poofy shoulders and didn’t look good on my wife, so Korbin got a new flak vest.  11/5/2016


When worn backwards it acts as an excellent flak vest with a strong sturdy zipper in the back and a thick material to hold plates up.


I wore it for a test run; it was quite tight on me but perfect for Korbin and comes roughly to the top of the rib cage like Boba Fett’s flak vest.  Korbin’s plates lined up very well on it.


His canvas pouches didn’t come with belt loops, so we improvised and made velcro to attach to his belt.  It will work for Verd’ika and buy him some time to save up for better pouches in the next few years.


His girth belt was white, we dyed it red with acrylic paints; it still needs weathering to match the rest of his kit.


Weathering his cape, might have caught fire a few times. . .


Kitted up with holster and cape. He ordered a C-96 Mauser last night and will be getting a similar modified DL-44 made next week.  11/26/2016

His flight suit came in and he put everything he had (minus the cape Korbin forgot at home that day) on.  He also came up with a name: Kyr’am Oya’karir.  It means Death Hunter in Mandalorian.


A few weeks later we got a photo shoot and Kyr’am Oya’karir got to try out his full kit.  He soon after submitted to the Verd’ika Corps.