After a couple of years in the Star Wars Costuming community I decided to start my own patch jacket.  I wanted my patch jacket to incorporate the existing clubs I was part of and also portray who I am.  I started with a simple schematic of what kind of jacket I wanted, want kinds of patches I wanted to get or had and then got started.

Patch Jacket1

I was able to find a really good shop on Etsy that made custom rockers (top and bottom).  I got my top rocker to say my Mandalorian name – Karl Dha’Werda and my bottom rocker to say my last name – Buchmiller.

The image below is my patch layout being back and front views.  As mentioned above each patch is a part of me.

  • United States of America Flag patch resides on my left shoulder closes to my heart.
  • Bounty Hunter patch underneath; as I am a Mandalorian Mercenary/Bounty Hunter.
  • Masonic Compass & Square with G representing Geometry or the deity who created the geometry of the universe “God”.  I’m a Master Mason and member of Mandan Lodge #8.
  • Top Rocker – my Mandalorian name Karl Dha’Werda which means Dark Shadow or Darklighter.
  • Left side of top rocker is The Dark Empire (TDE) patch; as I am a member of this club with my custom smuggler kit.
  • Right side of top rocker is the Oyu’baat Clan patch; as I am a member of the Clan here in North/South Dakota.
  • Under this patch is my Mandalorian Mercs Ten Year patch.  This costuming club started in 2007 and just hit its 10 year anniversary.
  • Down the other arm (right side) is my Official Member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) 2016 patch.
  • Below that is my Mando Rider patch; as I ride a motorcycle and I’m a Mandalorian.
  • Then below that patch we have my NRA qualification patch for .22 rifle at 50 ft sharpshooter award.  I was awarded this while in the Boy Scouts of America as a youth.
  • The bottom rocker is my last name – Buchmiller.

Patch Jacket2

  • On the front of my patch jacket has a 2005 Jamboree LDS/Mormon patch on the right upper left side.  It has the scout symbol with an Angel Moroni like on top of temples on it with the slogan “duty to god” and “honor priesthood” written across the bottom.  This both represents Boy Scouts and my church.  The BSA Jamboree in 2005 was held at Fort AP Hill, Virginia.
  • Below this is my Yamaha 350 patch; which represents my first road bike (dual sport).  A 1989 Yamaha XT350.
  • On the other side of the front is my first name – Ben.
  • Under that represents my other motorcycle; Honda 350.  This patch is from the 1970s which works perfectly for my 1972 Honda CB350.

The jacket I got is a Wrangler brand.  I grew up in the Carpinteria FFA chapter and held a couple of offices (Historian and Reporter) at the chapter level through my four years of high school.  I grew up in the mountains behind Santa Barbara and raised a lamb my first year of FFA, but mostly grew up with chickens on our small ranch.  Wrangler was the brand name for the jeans that fit me well.  Tall and slim.

Patch Jacket3

The patches lined up nicely on my jacket and I took it to a local seamstress (Alterations & Curtains) here in Bismarck to get them sewn on.

Patch Jacket4

I added three more patches to the back of my jacket.

  • Star Wars patch bottom center.
  • Blue diamond Autism Awareness local Bismarck fundraiser patch.
  • Also the Krayt Clan patch; because my brother-in-law Scott Petersen was in the hospital down in Utah for several months and we could not visit him.  Instead I bought one of the Mandalorian Mercs Krayt Clan patch and had a local Mando deliver this patch to Scott personally.  He really appreciated the visit and I really appreciated Krayt Clan taking time and making the effort to go see Scott (who is also a Star Wars fan).  🙂

Patch Jacket5.5

I then received a few more patches to support Dresdon Acacin move into a new place up in New Brunswick Canada.  Dresdon is a completely Full Metal Mando (FMM) and I have down some photoshopping for him.

Patch Jacket5

  • I added this Metal Mando to the back of my jacket.
  • I also realized that I had a 2005 Jamboree Yoda patch that I had traded while at the Jamboree (I ended up with 4 by the end of the Jamboree, but parted with 2 to fellow scouts in my troop and gave one to my little brother).  You can read Lucasfilm in the stitching.  There were several counterfeit patches at the Jamboree; I trade to get 3 of those but eventually traded those away too.
  • The last patch I got was a Galactic Senate patch; which brings all Star Wars Costuming Clubs under one banner to accomplish the same thing.  It has a pictures of 5 arms holding on to each other.  Mando (MMCC), Rebel Pilot (RL), Stormtrooper (501st), Grey Jedi (TDE & Saber Guild), and Droid (Astromech & Droid Builders).

Patch Jacket6

Draft: Will add to this post about the patches as seen below.

Patch Jacket7


Patch Jacket8