My brother-in-law Craig Nichols, who I mentioned in my lightsaber post is starting his own Star Wars costume; a Dark Jedi.  Are Dark Jedi the same as Sith?  The wookieepedia website says this one the subject:

“The term Dark Jedi was a collective and vague name of dark-side practitioners (be they fallen or rogue Jedi) that used Force powers and a lightsaber, but were not always members of a certain organization, whereas the term Sith referred to a definite heritage or ideology.”

His personal lightsaber is a mango yellowish orange blade on a durable carbon fiber hilt perfect for a fallen or rogue.



10/7/18: First thing first, Craig set up a profile on The Dark Empire (TDE)’s website forums.  His profile name is Darth Nichols.  After introducing himself on the TDE forums he reviewed the Costume Requirement List (CRL’s) which can be found on the The Dark Empire website for Custom Sith/Dark Jedi.  In the first paragraph of these CRL’s it says:

“If you can sight a similar costume in Star Wars it is likely you can do it, but with that greater freedom comes the risk that it may not be deemed acceptable.”


Darth Nichols already had his inspirational image to work towards his own kit with (as seen above).  With a quick message to one of the Nes’ari (Membership Officers) to the TDE;  KrayytDragon82 he found that this image was too much of a cross-over with Assassin’s Creed video game.

Assassins_Creed white robe

These types of concept art are really hard to use for a reference in the Star Wars universe as the artist has free reign in their own conceptual idea for a Star Wars character.  Pulling ideas from all kinds of places including but not limited to Assassin’s Creed, medieval knights, wizard cloaks, continental line uniform, monk robes, pirates, and/or Victorian/Regency tailcoats.  That being said both Star Wars and Assassin’s Creed also pulled from these references for their own unique styles within their own universes.

Example of Robes

Discouraged by this predicament Darth Nichols started his research of other fallen Jedi specifically in the SWTOR and KOTOR time periods.


Even the new Star Wars movies (episode 7 TFA) Luke’s robe is off-white.  As seen below there are several references to the color robe and with some weathering could be pulled off to be a very convincing ‘SWarsy’ (elements from the Star Wars universe) kit.

White Robes

Referencing the first concept image again (see below); Darth Nichols began to tear into the image with referenced images of what his kit would look like and to make it more a concept that could be found in the Star Wars universe.  He found several other concept renditions along the same grounds as a fallen/dark Jedi.

The common themes in this conceptual art were long flowing cloaks, shoulder armour, yellowish lightsaber blades, leather strapping over the shoulder (bandoleer style), heavy gauntlet or armoured gloves, cloaked hoods, and Sith acolyte masks.  Another citing to the wookieepedia website says this on Dark Jedi:

“Dark Jedi, were Force-sensitives, frequently former Jedi, who chose to deny the light side of the Force or follow the dark side. . . .could also refer to uninitiated Force-sensitives who received no Jedi training but began their careers under another Dark Jedi. Others were simply dark-side users who did not follow the teachings of the Sith or other dark side organizations.”

Although some elements of these concepts are derived from canon Sith references the acolyte masks can be more of an imitation of fear or evil in oneself.  A Dark Jedi is one individual whose ambition is promote themselves above all and project their evil desires upon the weak to do their bidding.

Rogue Jedi

On to a list of what Darth Nichols needs for his kit (updated as of 10/7/18):

  • Hooded white weathered grey cloak
    • sort of like a trench coat with hood.
  • Armour chest plate (non-Mando), or Jedi tabbards and/or civilian tunic of similar colour to white weathered grey cloak.
  • Khaki/tan pants
  • Khaki/tan long-sleeve shirt under civilian tunic
  • Sith acolyte mask of some sort, to be schematically built with card-stock/cardboard at first, then Sintra, and then finished in either Sintra or metal.
  • Tall boots with either wraps, armoured shins, or plain
  • Gauntlet Gloves (black, brown, or dark grey)
    • Could also have armoured gauntlets in addition to gloves
  • Lightsaber; non-canon, not a toy, & a orange/red/purple or similar dark colour blade.  Have as of 10/7/18
  • Shoulder bells, burnt orange in color with blaster/saber scorch marks and weathering to show ‘metal’ under paint.
    • Shoulder bell on left shoulder to be secured with strap that wraps around the tunic or chest armour of the individual.  bandolier/bandoleer style.
  • Sash with leather belt around waist
    • Belt to include SWarsy buckle
    • D-ring or covertec wheel
    • Leather pouches



To Be Continued . . . .


A Dark Jedi, . . . . thinks only of himself. He acts alone. The ultimate goal is not galactic conquest, but personal wealth and importance. Like a common thug or criminal, he revels in cruelty and selfishness. He preys upon the weak and vulnerable, spreading misery and suffering wherever he goes.Jedi Master Obba