I started looking into making a Jedi belt late last year.  I had almost completed my lightsaber and was excited to start my Jedi kit.  I looked in one of my Star Wars visual dictionaries for reference on the Jedi utility belt and found this (see below).

01-Jedi Belt3

Then I started looking into some sellers of belts and price ranges.  Everything I found of good quality was out of my price range, but looked awesome.

01-Jedi Belt

Then I looked into tutorials to make my own (as seen above, photo credit EeanLedgor).  I had already made my own side holster for my customer smuggler (The Dark Empire kit); so I knew a little bit about leather working and figured I could make one for significantly less money.


I found this tutorial here on the forums which was well made and had extreme detail.  I was also able to see a belt first hand when we had an armour party earlier this year (see below).  It was made by a fellow costumer in the Rebel Legion, Central Base.

03-Derek's Belt for Tess

I started around 12/29/17 after Christmas last year with a wide belt blank and began by tooling down both sides.  I then used a drill to make holes, as my leather punch as seen better days and the drill worked effectively.  After that I added snaps to the back closure of the belt.

04-Jedi Belt Making

I then started the weathering, loosening of the belt with a 2×4 and a hammer to soften the belt up.

05-Jedi Belt Making

After weathering it, I started to apply black stain, Eco-Flo coal black to be exact.  Although I love the acorn brown of my smuggler hostler the black actually matches my boots better.  I have a pair of AdTec Men’s 16″ Engineer Motorcycle boots that I got off Amazon (through points, gift cards, and $10 out of pocket).


The coal black really looked good on this belt as I finished up the application about a month later 1/23/18.  Per CRLs the belt and boots must match and so they do.  It is also one of those clothing rules that your dress slacks match your socks and your shoes match your belt.

06-Jedi Belt Making

Once the belt blank was stained I then started on the inner smaller strap/belt piece.  I used chicago screws to fasten the strap to the main belt and made a cover for the snap closure in the rear.

07-Jedi Belt Making

I found a buckle that looked like it could be found in the Star Wars universe and used it for the front of my Jedi belt (as seen below).

08-Jedi Belt Making

After adding two pouches, also in black to the belt I was finished.  I still need to go back with leather conditioner to soften it up a bit, because it is really stiff.  I also added a few pen caps that I will eventually add fake pearls to the bottom of each cap to form food and energy capsules.

09-Jedi Belt Making

Belt completed, minus some touch ups with stain (currently my stain is being borrowed by a fellow Merc Vod for a holster on his kit).  Then some conditioning to soften it up a bit.  I also have some studs on order to place on both sides of the inner small strap/belt along the main belt.

10-Jedi Belt Making