So I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a kama to use with my Late Crusader kit, geared towards a beasthunter brigade.  I applied once and got some feedback about the lack of thigh coverings on my kit with my long legs.  A leather kama was my solution, but I could not find anything that I liked.  Below are two images one of a female Mando with a Kama and the other is a clone trooper with a kama.

Mando Kama

The other day our Ver’alor Kota Grell posted on our Clan’s Facebook page an image of his new kama (before weathering).  His kama or battle skirt was made by his wife Kira Grell and her awesome sewing skills.


At our armour party yesterday I asked if he and his wife could do a commission leather kama for me.  I already had the leather (upholstery leather for boat seats), but couldn’t find a pattern or have the sewing skills to make my own.  Some quick measurements with a tape measure and in less than a day later it was done.

Leather Kama2

It is the right length on me (below is Kota wearing it).  It needs some work, but at least the ball is moving and I have some momentum to keep it going.

Leather Kama

Needs weathering, a net or something, trophy parts added, and a belt.  This kama will be under my current waist items.

Update 3.2.19:

Leather kama gets some loving weathering added.  I tried to add some yellow like scales to this kama, but the effect looked fake and I removed them.  Instead I used super glue to add rigid lines up and down the kama.  I then added black spray paint and while still wet I rubbed the paint and super glue in together as seen in the second image below.

Leather Kama3

Next I added light tan and regular tan to the mix with black and did the same style with rubbing the paint while still wet into the leather or out of it as seen below.  Since the temperatures are roughly around -14 with a -32 windchill right now, there is a lot of mud and snow that falls off my vehicles when parked in the garage.  I was able to smear my kama into the mud to get a more realistic weathering on it (see bottom image in picture below).  I focused on the bottom tips when I rubbed the mud into the kama, as this would be where the most dirt would build up.

Leather Kama4 Weathering

After the mud was smeared in, I used some light sprays of army green and hunter green spray paints into a rag and rubbed those color tones into the kama.  As a beasthunter I would be in among tall grass, weeds, and shrubs; ultimately there would be the effect of “grass stains” on my soft parts.  In addition to the green I used my torch to add some blaster effects or singed from a beast or brush fire (as seen in top image below).  In the bottom image of the picture below you can see my use of acetone to further weather my kama as it removed areas of paint and grime build up across the kama.

Leather Kama5 Weathering

Below you can see that I have completed the outside portion of my kama, but still needed to weather the inside as it would be clean but not that clean.  I used a combination of just black and tan spray paints rubbed into the inner side of my kama.

Leather Kama6 Weathering

Then I put on my kama for a test fit and it fits right and looks fantastic.  So I decided to kit up in my Late Crusader kit to see the final results.

Leather Kama7

As seen below it has the correct weathered effect to match the rest of my kit.  It adds tot he thigh areas and really looks great to me and my Alor’ad.  Still looking at adding some netting to my right thigh area hanging down from my waist and then on the left thigh area side I will have my snares (not pictured below).


I’m excited for progress on my kit and have included an action shot of me in kit outside in those below temps in the snow.