Jaig Eyes which in mando’a is called Jai’galaar’la Sur’haii’se is considered a Mandalorian culture great honour. They are typically earned by going above and beyond in performance for the call of Mandalore/duty in battle.

The eyes themselves are from a shriekhawk which is a native bird to the planet Mandalore. The Mandalorian Clan Vizsla used the symbol of a Shriekhawk for their clan sigil. This sigil is also associated with the Death Watch or Children of the Watch (CotW). Din Djarin in The Mandalorian was raised as CotW never removing his helmet.

There were many types of Jaig Eyes used in Star Wars. Captain Rex a clone from the animated Clone Wars displayed this Jaig Eyes on his helmet. Fenn Shysa displayed his Jaig Eyes on his helmet. Kanan Jarres from animated Rebels had these markings on his mask.

In the Oyu’baat Clan it is a great honour to display these Jaig Eyes on your helmet. They are not something to be added just because they look cool. They are earned. The requirement to place on your helmet is to either complete at least 10 troops or complete 1 charity troop.

The artist Rhiannon Lee Smith created the artwork above for the birthday of Tiric Keel, then Alo’rad of the Oyu’baat Clan. It has all 6 current (as of September 2018) active members of the clan, plus our honorary clan member JJ who is chasing off friend of the clan Shortstack in his Bunny Ears. In the picture it depicts 4 of the 6 members who had earned their Jaig Eyes. Since then all 6 have earned their honourary Jaig Eyes.

It took me awhile to place these Jaig Eyes on my modern full metal Mandalorian kit. I did it the day I participated in Brave the Shave for Kids with Cancer in October 2021 at an armour party that was also on that day.

The eyes were a vinyl cutout that were then weathered to match my helmet weathering. Karl Dha’Werda as of today 1/30/22 has been a part of 58 troops of which 15 were charity troops and there will be many more.