We had a troop in December 2018 for Toys For Tots in a local mall here in North Dakota. There were some restrictions on weapons and we could not bring any guns. Melee weapons/lightsabers were fine. I didn’t have any melee weapons, so I decided to make a tactical candy cane.

I started with a pvc pipe and heated up one end with my heat gun to form a crook/hook and put caps on both ends. I then used masking tape to wrap the cane. Once taped I used red spray paint to add the candy cane stripes.

I also added a second line of black stripes to the cane to be a little more than just a peppermint candy cane.

Then I used acetone to weather the cane to match my kit. I had to reapply more red to make it distinguishable again.

After all the weathering I added grips with electrical tape to my melee Christmas weapon for future troops.