When painting Kyr’am Oya’karir helmet I discovered a cool way to weather his helmet and decided to try it on a custom helmet with colors I had not seen used in our clan yet just for fun.

I started with a blank male Rebels grunt helmet (size large) from LoneWolf1183, his helmets are made of fiber-resin casts which means no print lines!!

I first started with cutting out the key slots on the back of the helmet. I did this by using a drill bit, making multiple holes and then sliding the bit diagonally across the holes to make the slots. Carefully as to not break the drill bit.

Then I also cut out the visor area and gave the helmet a wash. This helps remove the fiber resin residue and any shavings from cutting out the visor / key slots.

The first thing was to lay down a primer paint. I chose to use a metallic primer coat, followed by a hammered black primer on top of the metallic.

Next I used an accent around the visor area with metallic metal finish in the color blue. I attempted this to see if I could use rust-oleum with a krylon base. In the past I had problems with these two not mixing well, but really like the color of this metallic blue.

Once painted the helmet looked similar to an old Mando (Ragoth Uhbis) from Oyu’baat Clan who moved to Kansas.

Then I painted the base coat which was Gloss Sunbeam. The color of the cap did not match the paint that came out and I ended up using Gloss Sun Yellow instead for a more golden yellow.

Once painted there were plenty of imperfections with the paint and drips.

I used those imperfections to start the weathering process and removed paint with a razor blade down to the silver primer coat. I also used acetone to lighten the yellow in certain areas to show age and weathering.

The weathering as seen above was then given a blackwash as seen below. I also included a video of the weathering effect to see how it is applied.

Weathering Video

I liked learning this new weathering technique and I think the helmet turned out fantastic with some real character to it.

Next up was creating a visor fitment with a piece of cardstock and a marker.

Hot glue was used to attach the visor to the inside of the helmet. I’ve used velcro as an alternative attachment method, so I’d be able to replace the visor as necessary.

The visor is a metallic blue reflective visor. It doesn’t match the visor surround blue on purpose to give it character. Overall a fun practice build and helmet may be used for a future foundling or charitable donation.