My old metal backplate was never approved as it had a lot of curving problems. It was a great start to figure out how I wanted to attach my jetpack to my backplate though.

I found a vendor on Etsy who sold an ABS cod plate, so I ordered a couple for those in my clan that have trouble shaping that plate. The quality and workmanship was great, so when I made my next order I got one of their ABS backplates.

When ordering just visualize that the price of this backplate is closer $90 vs. $45 as shipping is almost the same price as the plate.

I then made a permanent mount from my jetpack straight onto the backplate. I put industrial strength velcro on the back plate and on my flak vest for easy install and removal for troops. I’ll probably change it again in the future to add lights to the jetpack and utilize the rear compartment.

I’m excited to start trooping with an option to wear my jetpack now. I have three combinations I can wear with either jetpack or cape and either kama or leg holster in combination with cape or jetpack.