I got a new cape to replace my tattered green fabric one. This cape was black and came from a local costume store around Halloween. It was much more durable and looked more the part of a cape, opposed to a piece of fabric. The cape I got looks more like the cape The Mandalorian, Din Djarin wears in the television show.

First thing I needed to do before I could wear the cape was weather it to match the rest of my kit in the same amount of weathering. As it was a black cape, I used fine mist of tan and brown spray paints to show worn fabric. Then I melted a few blaster holes into the cape, especially along the bottom. This also helped match better to my battle worn armour. The last thing I did was let my dog, Copper play tug-a-war with it to give it some natural tearing along the bottom edge.

Overall it turned out great and I just need to adjust the attachment method to not bunch up around the neck area and it should be good to go.

Around the same time I also got new motorcycle gloves with an armoured plate on the back of the hand. They were bright orange which matched my kit’s color scheme of hunter green and hunter orange.

I first removed the labels on both gloves and then pushed each glove into some wet sand. This helped weather where dirt and grime would go in real weathering aspect.

It wasn’t until the first troop I wore these gloves that I discovered a problem (visible skin). A mandalorian kit needs to appear as a self sealed suit with no neck meat (balaclava or neck seal needed) or visible skin showing. I temporarily marked my hands with a sharpie to hide the problem, but needed to fix it.

A couple of Halloween parties in 2021 reminded me of the glove problem with visible skin showing while in kit. I sat down to fix it for future troops. You can also see why I wanted gloves with an armoured plate on the back. It helps lessen damage to myself when giving out high-fives with my left hand.

I ended up inserting a piece of my cape onto both sides of my gloves as seen above. This worked great and as you can see below in my most recent troop (Feb. 2022) it hides all visible skin and is now compliant with MMCC CRLs.