Tucker (Nerdtrooper) bought his protector kit from Joey (Jaster Fett from the Gurreck Clan) in July 2022. Jaster was approved through the Mando Mercs with this kit and was also in the Protectors Brigade. The kit itself would need to be changed slightly to work for Tucker with removal of the Gurreck Clan sigil on the right chest plate, a new girth belt, and a new pair of boots. Then a reapplication with pre-apps and application with Tucker instead of Jaster.

After receiving this kit Tucker did a test drive wearing his kit at ValleyCon 2022 on October 1st. We had to grab some velcro and a cinch (girth belt) from a local hardware store.

We temporarily attached self-adhesive velcro the the back of the plates and stuck them on Tucker’s flak vest, knowing they will need to be realigned and spaced correctly before sewing on permanent velcro to the flak vest. The back plate will also need velcro and the additional jetpack will need a harness.

He will also need boots for this kit, and wore an extra pair I had for first test drive at the con.

Above is the front, left, back, right, and helmet off views for comparisons to later in this WIP for progress improvements.

His blaster is an Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech (ERDT) Glie-44 pistol, a resistance mainstay blaster. It was used by Poe, Finn, and Leia found in both The Force Awakens (TFA) and The Last Jedi (TLJ) visual dictionaries. Unfortunately I realized while writing this post he will be unable to use it with his Modern era kit. This blaster falls in the Post-Imperial (PI) era.

Tucker spent some time weathering the blaster to match the reference photos, as I look at the photos a little more closely the blaster will need some additional sanding as the print lines are visible.

Next was weathering the new Jaster/Boba’s chest emblem was added to cover up the Gurreck clan custom protector sigil. This emblem is seen on both Jaster Mereel and Boba Fett’s chest plates on the upper right plate. It is on the approved sigil list to be used on a custom kit.

At the armor party we were also able to work on the girth belt and the attachment method.

Another look below of progress from 10/1/22 photos above to today 11/19/22 improvements.

Couple actions shots below.

Below are the fixes from today 11/19/22:

  1. Shoulder Bell right side crooked, probably a kit up issue
  2. Spacing from chest plates to collar plate
  3. Girth belt will need to be a red or brown color
  4. Needs boots
  1. Kit up issue at neck seal
  2. Shoulder Bell left side overlap, probably a kit up issue
  3. Velcro needed on back plate to attach to flak vest
  4. Kit up issue at belt, can see white velcro needs to be covered