January 2020: I added a kama to my Late Crusader kit and wanted to add the option for my modern kit. Referenced above, mostly used for military combat in the clone wars but also by mandalorians.

I started with similar fabric to my faux leather used in my late crusader kit, referenced above. I used a dark hunter green faux leather and had Kota & Kira Grell in my clan commission this second one for my modern kit.

Comparison with my new modern kama and my weathered late crusader kama below.

I started my weathering by using super glue lines up and down my kama vertically. Then I swept up my garage and used the dust and dirt from the past winter as weathering. Then I rubbed out the super glue ridges to show just dirty vertical lines.

Next I used two different colors of green paint, adding more super glue ridges for definition along the edges of my kama. I then followed up with an army green paint.

Once the green paints had been completed, I sporadically used orange paint along the edges. Then I used black spray paints to add darker spots all over the kama. I followed up with acetone splotched across the kama to “remove” or weather the paints I had used on this kama.

The results worked perfectly to match my already heavily weathered kit.

I tried it on after the weathering and added some more weathering to the inside where it would be against my legs. It wouldn’t be as weathered as the outside, but would still have worn spots.

As seen below the photo on the left is the inside of the kama against my legs and the photo on the right is the outside where dirt/grime would be seen the most. I then got out my butane torch to add the last touch of weathering, matching what I had done with the metal plates of my kit.

Weathering with fire. Scorch marks and carbon scoring edges.

Once completed I tried it on with the rest of my kit including my optional jetpack.

The kama will be used to protect my legs from whatever I would encounter on and off the battlefield.  Explosions, shrapnel, fire, blast down from jetpack, debris, etc.  It reduces blast damage and can reduce the severity of attacks to my upper leg area (slowing or absorption of force either from range or melee attacks).  The primary reason I choose to add a kama to my modern kit was to increase protection from my jetpack.  It allows me to do more extreme maneuvers in the air or fire my thrusters at an increased rate more than normal because the back of my upper legs are protected.