My original waist items had the girth belt separate from my belt with ammo pouches. The belt with ammo pouches was bolted straight to my kidney plate and connect at the front with the cod plate.

After building my late crusader kit, I found that have the ability to have the waist items separate from the armor cod plate was helpful to make sure everything went on straight.

When I made the switch from 20 gauge (orange) sheet metal armor plates to 16 gauge (green) sheet metal plates is when I did away with the old system. Then later I added real leather pouches instead of the most common Russian ammo pouches seen throughout the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.

I added zip ties on the back of my girth belt which attach directly to the belt with new leather ammo pouches on them. I made the belt also go through the end loops on each side of the girth belt and fastened those with zip ties. This way all waist items are correctly spaced each time I kit up for troops.

As seen above for Halloween 2020 the waist items line up perfectly.

Update February 2022:

In February 2022 after watching The Book of Boba Fett, I added an upgrade to my waist items. A cartridge ammo belt. This was specifically added to suck in my gut between the bottom edge of my flak vest and above my existing waist items.

Inspiration was pulled from Boba Fett’s new cartridge belt in the television series.

I found an ammo belt on online and ordered it. I then used Buss 30 amp one-time use fuses for the cartridges. I spaced them randomly, with some empty slots.

My waist items are above. Cartridge ammo belt, ammo pouches with belt, girth belt and holster belt for my modified DL-44. Alternatively I would remove the holster and add my green leather kama.

I test fitted the above waist items all together with my cod plate and flak vest. The cartridge ammo belt still needs the logos removed and weathering in the photos above.

Photos above show weathering and logos removed. The new black flightsuit works well with all the waist items and I looked forward to the chance to troop in my kit. The opportunity came up with a troop at the end of February 2022.