In 2019 started my search for a replacement flak vest as my leather jacket turned backwards with the sleeves cut off was deteriorating from use. I wanted something similar to Jango Fett’s flak vest (as seen above). It didn’t have to be leather, but could be faux leather. Color to be black or brown.

I found a vendor on Etsy that was reasonably priced for her flak vest. I ordered it (November 2019) and gave my measurements on the larger side. Good thing too, because I gained some weight the next couple of years during Covid. Unfortunately this vendor is no longer on Etsy due to Covid and not making enough sales those years.

I received my new flak vest in February 2019, it had a free neck seal included because it had taken longer than expected. I did a quick test fit with my shoulder bell and it was perfect. Side note, this shoulder bell has been on my original kit since I first built it. The only addition was when I became an Official Member of the Mando Mercs I add my clan sigil. The sigil reads Clan Oyu’baat in Mando’a.

I then tried on my new flak vest with neck seal for a test fit. It fit a lot better than my previous leather jacket flak vest. Also I paid a little extra to have a heavy duty zipper put in for the rear zipper.

The old flak vest as mentioned above was deteriorating and needed to be replaced. When I removed all the armor plates I found I over did it in velcro, haha.

The process to reapply my metal armor plates was slow but deliberate making sure the spacing lined up correctly. Once placed, I used a dry erase marker to trace the outline of each plate. I then applied adhesive velcro to each plate, double checked the spacing, and then removed the opposite side velcro to place on my new flak vest.

Once all my armor was on, I double checked to make sure everything fit correctly and placed my the new material for my waist sash. I know the back plate does line up correctly in the images above, it was replaced with an ABS back plate (see my armor WIP for that change).