In 2016, the below image is what my waist items looked like. Over time the tiny trophies did not last and were removed from this kit. I am still working towards adding trophies, but need some things more substantial than a few fins and claws/teeth on my belt.

My waist item set up after trophies were removed is seen below. Simple belt with ammo pouches, knife sheath, and macrobinocular pouch. Also a girth belt. The ammo belt laid over top the girth belt. The girth belt covers the top edge of my cod plate.

Due to some weight gain I had to get a new belt to hold my ammo pouches as my waist expanded. The new belt was weathered to match the rest of my kit.

I then addressed that one of my pouches was not weathered the same as the rest of my kit. These black pouches holster my phone during troops to completely hide it.

The next thing I did was weather the first aid kit pouch match the rest of my soft parts.

The first aid symbol is derived from the crusader era time period for a medpac.

The next thing I did with my waist items and cod plate was attach them together. I have had problems at troops where the cod plate falls off while walking around, additional weathering but more awkward with my metal kit when it clanks on the ground. First the girth belt is attached to the ammo pouch belt and then the cod plate is attached to the girth belt.

This keeps the top edge of the cod hidden with the girth. I will need to add a velcro strip to my flightsuit to keep the bottom of the cod from moving.