5/13/23: ShadowNeko worked on Mandalorian Death Watch armor. Death Watch armor was worn by a break-off group of Mandalorians that terrorized the pacifist government rule of the planet Mandalore in Star Wars. Death Watch wanted to restore the traditions of mandalorian culture and proudly wore their beskar armor and helmets.

Primarily seen in the animated Clone Wars television show their armor is designed differently than how it would be worn for live-action use, which can be difficult when replicating the correct sizing (image below from TheDentedHelmet).

ShadowNeko’s intent is not to make a canon version of mandalorian death watch but to use the armor to make a custom mandalorian kit with different color schemes.

After moving from Gurreck Clan to Oyu’baat Clan, ShadowNeko worked primarily on creating a flak vest. Version 1 prototype seen below. Test fit with waist items and cod plate from Karl Dha’Werda to see how it would line up for his own mandalorian kit.

At the Armor Party (AP) on April 22nd, 2023 ShadowNeko worked on creating a duct tape mannequin to make his next flak vest even better. He plans to make a total of 3 flak vests, two being prototypes and the third being the final flak vest for his armor.

At the next AP on May 13th, 2023 ShadowNeko came prepared with all of his armor, version 2 flak vest, and helmet. His helmet is a Pepakura build which takes templates made with cardstock and then uses fiberglass on the inside and resin bondo on the outside.

ShadowNeko added reinforcement brackets, wood ear caps, and hasn’t cut out the visor on this newer version Pepakura (Pep) Helmet.

Version 2 flak vest also had a prototype neck seal.

The vest worked well with the plates he brought to line up and verify fitment sizing. The animated clone wars death watch armor is smaller than traditional mandalorian modern armor. Unfortunately this armor on ShadowNeko was too small.

I reached out to regional Ruus’alor for some feedback on sizing. Another Vod came up with paper templates on one of their foundling/recruits to show appropriate sizing. While waiting for responses for sizing; ShadowNeko and I roughly decided he needed about half an inch more on sides width and lengthen in a few other spots using the table top (OSB sheet) as temporary scratch paper.

ShadowNeko tried on my armor for sizing comparison both front and back plates. This helped him figure out approximate sizing needed and that at the next AP on June 10th, 2023 I would have some 6 mm sintra to measure twice, cut once and shape.