Mandalorian Armour

Work In Progress Photos for Mandalorian Armour and other Star Wars Cosplay


My WIP (work in progress) is in the Armour section, as well as Robert’s WIP and Korbin’s WIP for Mandalorian Armour.  Also added a separate section for my wife Dana’s kit (Kritika’s WIP).

These post are broken up into many different aspects/categories related to the CRL (costume requirement lists) on the Mandalorian Mercs website.

My armour type is Modern and I have gone from a Medium to Light armour.  Classified as:

Light = Boba Fett with just cod piece and knee armour

Medium = Jango Fett with shin, thigh, cod piece, knee, and boot armour.

Heavy = See Roki’s description here.

The sections are as follows:

  • Helmet
  • Armour
  • Gauntlets
  • Soft Parts
  • Weapons

You can also check out any Events,/Troops,/Invasions over at my other blog site HERE.

My in universe name is Karl Dha’Werda

Dha’Werda = Darklighter (darkness – archaic plural – dha werda – dark light, shadows -i.e. stealth)


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