I did some research online until I found this picture of components someone had used to built their own scratch build of the EE-3 Carbine rifle that Boba Fett uses.


I immediately spotted the revolver grip and trigger (descriptions fall below each photo).  I realized I had a grip and trigger to a revolver BB gun that I had used the barrel of for my right gauntlet.


After printing off some blue prints of how a EE-3 can be assembled, I got to work building my own.


I first used an old exhaust pipe I had laying around in the garage to cover the chamber area of the revolver.  I then used some spare sheet metal to cut out the bracket (overlayed twice for strength).


This worked well and I removed the grip to put in the place I wanted weld it to.  I also got some more exhaust pipes from O’Reilly auto parts around the corner.  Then I proceeded to JB weld my pipes together and the bracket to my grips.


It started coming together, kind of like how your kit comes together pretty quick after you get your bucket.  I also picked up a buttstock at a local gun shop (for free I might add, because it was broken and that didn’t matter since I was cutting off pieces anyways).


The scope seen in the above photo is the one I first bought, but after looking at a few more photos of the EE-3 Carbine I noticed the scope was slightly different and I returned it.  Unfortunately when I was tacking on the exhaust pipe a little bit for getting it in place I melted the reverse side grip and needed to find out a better grip to use.


I ended up taking leather strips and wrapping them around the handle with a little super glue to hold it in place.  I then added a slight layer of black spray paint with sand and dirt to give it the weathering effect.


The barrel was made from wiper blades (not the blades themselves, but the place you attach the blade to).  The tip of the barrel came off of a paper towel tube after the roll was used up at work.


The end result looks pretty sweet and I was surprised by my handing work in only 4.5 days of coming home after work to build it.


It fits good in my hands and the trigger can still be pull, makes for fun sound blaster noises (pew pew pew).


Overall it turned out to be a pretty awesome rifle for my kit.