I finally got around to making my wife, Kritika’s dual leather holsters for her modified DL-44s.  The leather came off of Amazon and was a 36″ x 36″ piece.  I have probably enough scrap from this to make something else in the future.  I got the basic piece cut out and then duplicated it for the opposite side.Holsters2

The stain is lighter than my acorn colour and is called, saddle tan.  It works really well with the colour of Kritika’s boots.  Her old holsters and belt with nylon straps and buckles; all black.


I made a belt out of the excess leather instead of buying one.  I connected the two holsters to the belt with seat belt buckles.  The side that shows is a beveled bolt straight through the leather.


The back part need to look more “cute” so I braided the leather and had one buckle going up to the belt.


The next day I added more stain and leg loops to keep the holsters tighter to her thighs.


Very pleased with the results and then added a touch of weathering to match the rest of her kit.


Kritika likes them a lot as they are more slimming with the thinner pouches and not as bulky.


We ran it through our clan Ruus’alor and Alor’ad to make sure we got all the parts and nothing looked off.  It was approved and she’ll be wearing it at the next event.


These holsters are also working double for her Custom Smuggler kit for The Dark Empire (TDE).  Excuse my rudimentary drawings, I’m not very good at drawing people especially women.