When I originally started building my mandalorian modern kit, before I met my clan and got templates off the forums I had a black flightsuit (see above). I painstakingly sewed on my thigh plates to my flight suit.

When I removed the thigh plates it didn’t look like great and I needed a new flightsuit. I ended up giving the black flightsuit to someone in high school for their shop class.

I got an olive green flightsuit as a replacement to my black flightsuit.

5 years later I was still using the same flightsuit. It was wearing in places and needed to be replaced.

I got a new black flightsuit for Christmas in December 2021. I tested it out in my full kit with other upgrades like my new flak vest and adjusted waist items.

Not pictured was the removal of pockets and zippers closed shut with tabs removed. Also the new flightsuit was weathered to match the rest of my soft parts and armor weathering.