One of the requirements for Mandalorian Mercs is to have a weapon with your costume.  I didn’t have one, so I went down to the local thrift store to see what they had.  I found this rough cut nerf gun for five bucks (see image below; taken apart to see inner workings).


I looked up other rough cuts that people had made and found this one on an image search (see below).  It seemed Star Wars enough so I started making mind look similar to this one.


I took mine apart and filled it with a green LED light wire with a battery pack.  After removing most of the inner workings I was able to get the lights inside the gun.  I also used a paper towel roll to be modified later into a scope or something.


I then made a mockup of me in my armour with this gun to see how it would look with belt pouches and a holster (ignore cod piece way out of proportion).

Mandalorian1 with Gun                                 Two4

Months later I was looking at Han Solo’s DL-44 and decided to make a similar blaster for my weapon.  I went to a few stores in town before find the base toy gun I wanted to use at K-Mart (I’ve been back and can’t find it anywhere to make a second one).

First thing I did when I got home was take it apart and get read of the annoying sound it made by removing the speaker.


I then used a piece of electrical 1/2″ conduit from Lowe’s.  I flattened one side and drilled holes through it and the plastic gun base.  I also cut a small hole in the conduit (barrel) and shoved all the blue LED lights into the barrel.  It will be a stun gun (blue) as “He’s no good to me dead.” -Boba Fett (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back).

Bolts where put through the holes and bolted down tight; which also solidified the gun itself.  On the end of the barrel I attached a 1/2″ coupling with a 1/2″ to 3/4″ copper fitting for the flanged/flared barrel tip.  The light still works at this point with blue light coming out of the barrel.


Originally I wanted to put a mini mag light on the top to look more like Han’s DL-44, but I couldn’t find it.  I used a mini LED flashlight instead.  I also put on a random metal plate to give it a different feel, than a toy gun from K-Mart.  Then came the metallic/chrome paint to make the blaster look like metal.



I then painted it black to look like a blaster, using electrical tape on the handle to show wear and daily use.

DSCN4425 DSCN4424

If anyone knows where to find the original toy gun online, let me know.  I want to make a second blaster to have two holster on each leg.